My next challenge is here, and it’s bigger than ever! I have to travel from Brisbane to Sydney, to Melbourne and finally to Adelaide in a rented car. The TWIST? The car can’t move without a stranger inside! I have three weeks to convince complete strangers to ride 2,000 miles with me along the whole east coast! Can I do it?

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42 thoughts on “A TOW TRUCK PULLED UP”

  1. FUN FACT: You can actually climb up to the top of the Harbour Bridge Pylon (called the Pylon Lookout), for much cheaper than doing a full bridge climb. Even talks about (and shows pictures) of how it was built. Hands down best view in Sydney πŸ™‚

  2. Plot twist : the guy from the first hostel that Simon ditched is waiting for him in Adelaide and takes a butcher knife to him at the end of The Challenge
    Cheers mate

  3. hi simon, i started watching your videos 2 days ago,they have allready helped me out alot,iv struggled with a breakup,depression and anxiety and iv decided to hit the road with nothing but $500 a bike and a tent,thanks for inspiring me
    "NEVER STAND STILL" your a fuckin legend mate love ya work and your humble ways bro hope to hear from you @simon #simon
    p.s – you fit in australia like a glove bro everyone thinks your awesome πŸ™‚

  4. When Lewis said he was working in a submarine("it was not that great" ,yea right), that cleared out the look in his eyes in the previous videos, he saw some things you can tell…(he is a cool guy despite what ever)Great videos by the way!1! Simon, you should do Bulgaria, but when it's worm ))

  5. Both of you guys are doing the right thing. Experience stuff while you are young. Myself became a father in my early twenties so I need to wait. It's the best thing that ever happened to me, but these videos reminds me that I'd really love to travel the world more.

  6. I wish you spent more time in Brisbane, theres so much stuff you can do and the gold coast is only 50 mins away. You should definitely come back

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