22 thoughts on “Scamers and liars towtruck skank and munkay”

  1. Crudey, for my birthday tomorrow, will you please send a few of your homeboys from the Ace of Eights to take care of these dumb motherfuckers the way they deserve? Little yappy ass News Now Chihuahua and douchebag wannabe wrestler Doug "Um No Thanks" Hutton? They are a disgrace to humanity..plus it would make my day…Philip Margulies lives in Rancho Palos Verdes and Doug Hutton lives in Ventura..couple of real bitches..

  2. Hello again Mister Crude. I saw the video of Libertyfreak in Nederland coloraod, and you are right about him. He likes to provoke and pick fights. same where he got the tires changes and he picked a fight there. Do you know the name of the video whene Mister Munkay hits the guy. I saw a video el heffe or whatever his name is, where some guy and his girlfriend are harassting a cop in Phoenix and she tells her man friend to shut up over and over. I am quickly loosing and respect for them.. youare right, they are terrorists and need to be locked up. Eric must know the law to make those threats agsint cops and get away with it. I amfriends with the Sheriffs Officee and city police. I dont like audotors and cop watcher so much any more. Please keep exposing them and that weasel coward Munkay83. THNAKES YOUS!!!!!

  3. I saw the televisio interbiew of Mister Padilla after he was arrested whe he went at 4 am to the free dentist with his wife. He said his winch did not work so there was n o way he could steal even if he wanted to. Seems odd for a guy and his wife to leave california in a tow truck to find a job in Texas. Do you know if there is more to the story fromwhat Mister Padilla said. Thansk You Mister Crude!!!!

  4. Witness intimidation ripped of a taxi driver stalking playing with himself in public on and on he doesn’t like cops because he’s been arrested 34 times he’s angry

  5. I agreed with you on all except ashtray aka news ohio, he begs 4 phones, electric bills, even cars Lol, furry "HE" fucks with everyone but cops, have great wk end

  6. Josh Abrams 6 time felon. Got out of prison February reoffended May. That's why he never got bail. He's a liar who also doesn't pay child support. FACTS. Tow truck girl also a scammer with a scammer past. FACT

  7. Richard Crude, I have been in the towing business since 1980. I retired a year ago,but I help out from time to time,to keep my hand in it.
    My experience with female tow drivers,qualifies me to tell you,that if we grade on the curve,she is HOT

  8. Hey Richard, you ever here of a wrestler named Hartford Luv? he's from my home town in Newfoundland.He wrestled in the 70s n 80s all over the us and japan.

  9. It’s already been verified that Josh is a violent career criminal. Another one of many that has joined the 1A movement to make money off of some people’s hatred of the police and government.

  10. EBeg for Ammo. How does NNOKC survive without eBegging? Gotta respect those who work and have a house, and a paid for vehicle..

  11. The sound quality is terrible. It sounds like you have a mask on. I can barely hear you. Your $9.99 Walmart box fan is louder than your voice. No central air?

  12. Hahaha. These are ppl I admire, and I'm still crackin up. And fuck what you talkin bout, I wouldn't kick Tow Truck girl out of bed, lol. Best to you and yours, bro.

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