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  1. If you maintained your vehicle properly. You would not need a tow. So the lesson here is the tow operator has to be responsible for your incompetence.

  2. Yeah. Triple A is the worst company for getting your vehicle towed. They only pay the tow company 30$ on average and the driver makes 30% roughly of that. You think I wanna tow and do all that extra work to tow an exotic for 10 dollars? Hell no

  3. Ok, AAA tow op here so lets brake this down real quick.

    1: AAA dose not cover exotic vehicles.
    2: 4×4 wood is Standard equipment on all flatbed tow trucks for low cars. 90% of the time thats all you need and 99% of the time your tow op will have more wood on top of that wood.
    3: If you want to tow an exotic then call a tow company that Specializes in exotics. Yes, they exist. They will show up with Nylon bridals, a flatbed with a break deck, scoop deck, or race ramps for the standard deck, 8 point chain straps that go AROUND the tire not through the rim.
    4: You get what you pay for. If you want true exotic transport then your going to pay a hell of a lot more then $731.25.

    Do your research, and don’t be cheep.

    Oh, and how about you not generalized tow truck companies, thanks bud.

  4. Actually they do make flat beds more capable of handling exotic cars, Next you can't strike a company for coming close to scratching your car unless it was luck that saved them, If I am loading a car before I even think of using boards I go to load it as normal, if I see it's cutting it close I'll slowly winch it up and watch closely, if it is about to touch, I back it off and use boards, if I can't get it with what I have I will leave and you can call someone else to get it (No hourly charge)
    That being said AAA doesn't cover exotic cars as far as I know, and if you call my company with them, we will refuse to go out there because we don't touch exotic cars, But there are trucks far more capable of doing so, Such as a low loader, A truck that practically drops it's bed to the floor to load a vehicle.
    Next tow straps are not supposed to scratch rims, if they have abrasives such as metal shaving in them, they will, but the straps are not supposed to cause damage (Only time I have used a microfiber cloth for protection was during the winter on my own truck because my strap was frozen with ice on it but I needed to use it as a 2nd safety as my truck is rather large for the truck i was towing it with)
    that being said I will only use straps through the rims as shown on shitty rims, Otherwise I will use over the tire straps, Straps going straight to the frame, Or chains going to the frame, on exotic cars both the last 2 options can be difficult or impossible to use, So over the wheel straps or a rag in between straps and rims will be used.
    And finally, If you are trying to have an exotic vehicle towed, Expect to pay a shit ton, We are not out here towing your quarter million dollar car for pennies, If we are towing your quarter million dollar car, you are going to pay us to ensure nothing happens to it, That is what you pay for, you pay for the labor, you pay for the equipment being used, and you pay for us ensuring your car is not damage during loading and unloading or during tow, The more valuable the vehicle is, the more that it's going to cost for us to ensure it doesn't get damaged, and the more labor we may have to put into it to get it loaded, Just like we charge more for medium-duty vehicles such as f350s, It's going to cost a big ass f350 more to be towed than a 2000 pound beamer, And it's going to cost a quarter million dollar car more to be towed than a 1000 dollar car, You don't like paying for your quarter million dollar car to be towed, we don't like not being paid for our 6 digit trucks to be used, Don't forget a tow truck can often time be more valuable than the car it's towing, don't think your hot shit having your mustang to be towed or something and not wanting to pay, because our shit costs more so your gonna pay for us to bring it out.

  5. Lmao AAA doesn't tow exotics, or at least I heard stories, like the one your talking about. You just need to find the right company. We tow anything from small construction, your fancy boat, and exotic to your junker. Nice video bud. I'm sure theres a company close to you that will tow it properly next time, plus your putting money in a hard working mans pocket, not some new kid on the block working for AAA reading his manual to put a car in neutral when the car is dead

  6. i wouldn’t have let them tow it. the straps were fine don’t be a bitch about it lol.. if you cared about your car you would do your research on companies beforehand, considering your lamborghini is an expensive car (we get it)

  7. First off, I would never even think of touching the rims of a Lamborghini with straps, I would use over the wheel straps for sure, 2nd any reasonable tow driver would take their own photos of the vehicle before towing to make sure they don't damage it, 3rd, If they get a call for a Lamborghini they should definitely bring some 2x4s at least.
    my tip would be this, Get AAA, pay the membership fee, call AAA for a tow, they dispatch background checked companies, they cover any damages, they cover tow miles, they cover jump starts, they are ok at dispatching the correct vehicles for the job, if a AAA service provider can't complete the service they simply cancel and AAA sends someone else who may be able to, and again AAA will deal with any damages so if you run into issues done deal, next AAA is dirt cheap for services, you won't pay 700 dollars for a tow for AAA unless your going like 300 miles.

    Also to clarify most trucks i have seen have 2 blocks specially made for low riding vehicles, it's a long 2×4 on the bottom, with a shorter one screwed on top of that, and an even shorter one on top of that, you will lower the bed of the truck on the 2nd or 3rd 2×4 on both sides wheel width and the vehicle will gradually climb on one 2×4 to the next then onto the bed which is at a less steep incline being lower on the higher blocks idk if it would work for a Lamborghini I've never towed one I'd have to find out mid tow and see how close it is clearance wise but that could have worked as well.

    Also on top of that, my company if you call us directly for a tow, our dispatchers will ask how far it's going/where it's going, what type of vehicle, and will 1. tell you the total with tax right then and there, and 2 we will know the vehicle (so we can decide what equipment we may need) we know the total, and we have any other info we need before hand, we would tell you if it's a 700 dollar tow before we even got en route.

  8. Obviously you're not worried about your bumper scraping when you're entering or exiting driveways. Stop being such a whiner. If you have never actually operated a tow truck before, shut up! If you have the money to buy a Lamborghini, you can pay for a tow truck. Higher prices can be charged for exotic vehicles. Reason being due to the vehicles being so expensive and whiny owners like you who complain about anything and everything.

  9. If I rolled up on a Diablo, I'd decline it on the spot. Sorry chief. I get paid $25 if it's a $500k exotic or a $500 Datsun.

  10. AAA companies won't do the tow. Too much risk. Get a car collector's insurance. They cover the cost of the tow. I've towed a few rare vehicles for them. Not sure what the cost of your front bumper is, but I'm sure it is more than what they charged you.

  11. Well you Dip$#@&… If you can afford an exotic car, then you can afford the tow bill for the p.o.s. get a Yaris you nimbwit…

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