43 thoughts on “Tow truck driver shot at during tow”

  1. Listen tow truck operators don't tow for no reason…very simple.u don't pmake your payment that's on u.u park in the wrong spot that's on u…sad to c people on here happy he got shot at doing his job.but let one of y'all get shot or shot at doing your job it's a crying crime.

  2. There are killing tiw drivers like dirty pigeons. You Tube tow truck shootings. People are getting tired of their car being stolen. Its going on all over the country stop this predatory practice.

  3. read this all u bitches. tow truck drivers do not need to be shot at all you guys are real assholes there doing what they need to do your just mad bc you dont know how to pay your car payments its all your guys fault hope u all know that bc wishing death on someone is real fucked up hope all u guys burn in hell

  4. All of the hate in this comment section disgusts me. This man is just trying to do his job. He's not towing this car by choice; he's doing it because he was called out to do it and it is what his job is. Maybe if you don't want your car towed, (depending on the circumstances) keep your car paid off and/or don't park where you shouldn't park. If you believe that your car shouldn't be towed and you have proof, don't get violent! That just leads to more fines or even jail time. Try calling the police or file a lawsuit against the company responsible.

  5. Lol I remember getting shot at in the towing industry 😂😂 the guy had his door open I was hooked from the back so when I took off I ran him over lmaooo and his truck got fucked up ahh what a night AND HE GOT ARRESTED 😂😂😂

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