Heavy Metal Tow Truck Returns (s7 ep9)

What is cooler than a vintage tow truck? …Nothing! … and Stacey proves that point by rolling Heavy Metal back into the GEARZ shop to outfit it with new electric winches, and an amazing custom tool box and light bar. This ’69 International cabover truck may have been rescued from a junkyard, but it won’t be long before this truck starts pulling off rescues of its own! This is recycling at its best! Then ride along with Stacey and crew as they travel to Minnesota and get the story on Edwards Manufacturing and how they have managed to stay in business for over a hundred years building simple tools. It’s all good, and it’s all GEARZ!!


20 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Tow Truck Returns (s7 ep9)”

  1. Love this project, and have been a fan of Stacey since his days on Trucks!. The only thing i would have done different would have been staying true to the Big Red IH and going with a Navistar IH Powerstroke T444E. But guess you have to go with the parts the sponsors supply when they are funding the build.

  2. We have 4 of the holmes 600 beds. 2 on working trucks 1 on a truck we are building right now and another we are going to put on a mack cab over, and all of them have the original chain driven pto and winches .and we have hauled some ridiculously big trucks with our trucks … nice to see high dollar sponsors throwing money at stacey but the money being thrown at this truck isnt anything the average person is going to be able to afford. not without 10 plus years to dedicate to building it .. its cool no doubt just not achievable. Wish he would get back to the old school affordable builds and lose all the fancy high dollar equipment.

  3. should have left it original, you got the oe engine running, the oversize holes in the rim look hideous, old school iron way better than what you just did taking off the vintage winches

  4. Is it me or does he never actually finish any project? But we get great 15 minute commercials for the Iron Worker and Cornwell, and Heart Throb exhaust and……well nevermind.

  5. I'd bet my left nut that those original Holmes winches will out-last, and out-perform those Warn winches. In the first episode of Heavy Metal he was bragging about how cool the mechanical winches were. Oh well, to each is own, I guess.

  6. I think that the original light bar and tool box that came with the tow bed looks better than the new one that he had custom-made for it. It looks out of place to me and doesn't match the overall look of the truck.

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