Code 3 Crash Car in the Cables

Responding Code 3 in one of our rollback units to a crash on the interstate where a car hit the cable barriers and was blocking traffic. If you enjoy my videos, tips are greatly appreciated. The videos are my hobby, not my job. Thanks and God bless.
Here’s a link to the video describing our ability to run Code 3:


23 thoughts on “Code 3 Crash Car in the Cables”

  1. I am very happy what your videos I'm learning little bit about the big truck you got I'll tell you one thing I love every minute of this videos when are you going to come out with some new videos

  2. Your trucks are kept clean, as well as, your tools.
    When care is given to equipment , it shows a sign that you have a reputation of giving care to folks.
    Check the insides of vehicles and you will know what home or business looks like. Every time.

  3. Ron, I love how quick and efficient you guys are when clearing these wrecks. You’re always thinking of the community and the fact that other people’s lives are also affected when they aren’t able to go about they day.

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