How I Wash My Tow Truck | Truck Wash VLOG

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32 thoughts on “How I Wash My Tow Truck | Truck Wash VLOG”

  1. Instead of tire shine use dish soap. Takes a LOT the first application because the tire soaks it up. Tires look better, don't attract dust and clean themselves in the rain. Used it on our over the road trucks. Looks better longer and a lot less maintenance. Cheaper too!

  2. Great video love a clean truck.

    When I was a tow operator I always kept my truck clean, it just shows pride and customer knew you would take care of their vehicle. most trucks around here a dirty and deck is covered in oil and grease.

  3. Have you tried Nerta soap? Its Belgian but engineered to clean dirty trucks and it foams up fantastically.
    Try the Carnet Jumbo snow foam, really good stuff – most of the time you can do a touchless wash unless the contaminants are really bonded to the paint. You should be able to do the entire truck in ~30 mins, which means you can wash it more often and your truck is always clean.

  4. Awesome video Trent, truck looks amazing, that foam cannon is awesome where can I get one to wash my vehicles ?, thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to make videos for the rest of us to enjoy, stay safe and have a great weekend!!!

  5. Awesome video as always… I had my car professionally coated to prevent scratches and whatnot. They told me whether or not you get the protective coating, you should always use a microfiber towel/sponge and make sure wipe side to side slowly and not in circles. It helps to reduce the swirl marks when wiping. Should also do the same when drying the car as well or use a leaf blower (yes that is what the prfessionals use). I also do not go through car washes as the brushes is what really leaves swirl marks in the car’s paint. Just a car/truck washing tip from someone who tries to keep their car looking as brand new as possible. Always looking forward to the next video. Be safe out there.

  6. hello mate i notice your microfiber clothes are they from bowdens own drop bear and the big green sucker as that is all i use on my car i use all bowdens own little hind if you are using bowdens own get ya self a bottle of boss gloss or after glow spray it on the big green sucker it soaks up the water better and gives her a shine as well

  7. Nice lookin truck. Up here in the northen states we washed our trucks EVERY DAY, sometimes more than once. Between rain, snow, salt, etc its literally a full time job washing tow trucks. A few months during the summer we might get lucky to go one day without washing but that was rare. The most important tool in our shop was the Hotsy pressure washer. We also towel tried the trucks every time. The washer and dryer never stopped doing loads of wet towels.

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