National City Tow Truck Driver Caught After 5 Car Hit & Run 04082020

INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 4-8-20 9:39 am
LOCATION: E. 24th St & Newell St
CITY: National City

The male driver of a “SoCal Tow” truck was headed southbound on Newell St. when he told the Police that his left front wheel came off of the truck.
He lost control and crossed into the oncoming traffic lanes and hit 4 parked vehicles.

The Police were able to follow his drag marks on the street and found him parked over a 1/2 mile away at Grove St. and Lincoln Ct. The suspect also did not call the police to report the accident. He was questioned and the Police will be recommending “Felony Hit & Run charges to the District Attorney. No one was injured in the crash.


32 thoughts on “National City Tow Truck Driver Caught After 5 Car Hit & Run 04082020”

  1. Check his phone – guaranteed this clown was playing on his phone at the time of his crime. What kind of fool claims his wheel came off and then continues to drive another 1/2 mile after hitting 4 vehicles and thinking nothing's wrong? Yeah, the wheel came off …AFTER he crashed into the first vehicle.

  2. South Cal Towing are the worst! They manage my trailer home parking and have towed cars that are legally in their parking just because a wheel is touching the parking lines! They have had the cops called on them multiple times. Karma comes back!! This makes me so happy arrest this shitty towing service 😂

  3. Good luck trying to prove the wheel fell off. The speed limit in that area is 35mph , I don't believe the tow truck driver was going any less that that; with that kind of damage. Regardless if I'm wrong , I would still consider it an accidental and driver might be at fault.

  4. Dog-gone it, screw up, leave, and now cop a felony! He dang lost his mind! Real Rocket Scientist!(Not to be confused with Christian Scientist!) Bet his exboss is real happy with him! At least none of the vehicles were occupied-& thus nobody hurt! Like connection another viewer made with Kenny Rogers! Thanks for vid!

  5. Oh this one is the worst !! Guys with this type of tow truck make a living impounding cars from condos/ apt buildings and they are nuts kind of look they r in drugs … Once i spotted one of them when backing to car port and knocked the beam off and saw me watching all and immediately step on the gas , got his company and truck # and reported to the office after that never seen them anymore on the complex (hear they went to court and complex won the case ) at least got rid of those fuckers

  6. Honda Del Soul….. It Will Steal your Soul. It's a Death trap. Especially with the sun roof. I know someone who was in an Accident who was thrown out of the sunroof. He did not die, he sustained C-6 injuries & was a quadriplegic. He only lived another 9 years of hell. Died of a kidney infection. He was only 28. This was in San Diego in 1999.

  7. I guess his girl pissed him off texting him b.s. I'm assuming, and damn he got triggered. C'mon homie… Not worth the nice pay you cats get. Say goodbye to this career. 🤦‍♂️

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