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Code 3 Crash Car in the Cables

Responding Code 3 in one of our rollback units to a crash on the interstate where a car hit the cable barriers and was blocking traffic.
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Here’s a link to the video describing our ability to run Code 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a10si2tvX10&t=3s



Recovering a loaded, overturned box van that rolled into a ditch during a crash with another vehicle.
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How "NOT" to unload a flatbed *TOW TRUCK FAIL*

We bought a 2015 F150 FX4 from local auction and had a tow company drop it off. Out of 30 years Ive had thousands of cars dropped off, this is the first time they’ve ever “Dropped off”. This is not one of my guys, its a hired tow company that the auction used to deliver our vehicle. I had told the driver to back the truck up so I can unload him and he had the truck in neutral and unstrapped, after it came off it hit one of our trucks, messed up the bumper but no bad damage.


1973 F350 tow truck startup and failure

Recently i tried to get my buddy’s F350 up and running well enough to use around the yard.
Well, it runs. Sort of. At least, it did…

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Towing Recovery – Auto Transport Ramps Fail Unloading A 2012 BMW

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Florida Tow Show 2019, Tow Trucks, Big Rigs, Mega Trucks and More!

Welcome to the 2019 Florida Tow Show. The towing industries largest international show held at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in Lake Buena Vista FL, near Disney and Orlando. Everything from huge expensive trucks to smaller versions. See them all right here. Enjoy and thanks for watching.


The Race Truck is coming home!! …on a tow truck..

The problem with the truck was uncovered! We FINALLY got it finished up and took it home!!

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That's NOT a tow truck!! Ford Expedition 4×4 stuck in the mud.

We remodeled the office! We show a little of the remodel job, good work by the tow guys playing carpenter!
We got a call for a Ford Expedition Max stuck in the mud by Washington Dam. She was pretty mad I didn’t bring a big tow truck, and was concerned I would get stuck just like she did. The magic of kinetic energy popped that Ford right out though. Matt lets us know how he really feels about mud.
Last we load an old motorhome to finally get it out of the yard!

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Jeep walk around video

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