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National City Tow Truck Driver Caught After 5 Car Hit & Run 04082020

INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 4-8-20 9:39 am
LOCATION: E. 24th St & Newell St
CITY: National City

The male driver of a “SoCal Tow” truck was headed southbound on Newell St. when he told the Police that his left front wheel came off of the truck.
He lost control and crossed into the oncoming traffic lanes and hit 4 parked vehicles.

The Police were able to follow his drag marks on the street and found him parked over a 1/2 mile away at Grove St. and Lincoln Ct. The suspect also did not call the police to report the accident. He was questioned and the Police will be recommending “Felony Hit & Run charges to the District Attorney. No one was injured in the crash.



Recovering a loaded, overturned box van that rolled into a ditch during a crash with another vehicle.
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School Bus Getting Towed – Epic Fail

I was one the bus ride home last week when my bus driver turned down the street leading into my neighborhood. On the corner, bus 2143, an International CE, was sitting broken down.

When I got home, I turned on my two-way radio and watched with binoculars down the street as bus 3112, a first gen Blue Bird Vision, came to the rescue. The driver in 3112 swapped buses with 2143 and she continued her route while the other driver in the broken down bus sat and waited for help. It wasn’t until two hours later when I was mowing my neighbor’s lawn that I saw a tow truck coming down the street with the bus hitched up to it. The driver of tow truck pulled a pretty cool turnabout and from there towed the bus back to base, about half an hour away.

Supposedly the breakdown had something to do with a broken coolant line or something similar, and it was overheating. Today I heard the driver call in from a different bus, so I’d assume this bus is still down.