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GPS FAIL!!!! Let's Go Down To The River

GPS FAIL!!!! A similar address lead this semi driver down the wrong path. I came to the rescue with the single axle Peterbilt with the 20 ton 4024.
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Recovering a loaded, overturned box van that rolled into a ditch during a crash with another vehicle.
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The Miracle Tree Jeep FAIL!!!

Jeep FAIL!! But the Miracle Tree saved the day!! Driver walked away!
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1960 Rusty Tonka Tow Truck Customization Candy Green Two Tone

I purchased this 1960’s Tonka Tow Truck off eBay the first week of May 2020. It appears as though someone had put it into paint stripper possibly to start a restoration that never happened. Overall it was in great shape outside of missing quite a few parts. I really enjoyed this customization of this Tow Truck. I love the final color.

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Restoration Cost
Truck Purchase $68.00 (eBay)
Headlights $8.00 (TKP-005 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Bumper $11.00 (TKP-0014 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Tires $24.00 (TKP-039 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
White Walls $14.00 (TKP-040 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Hub Caps $13.00 (TKP-003 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Light Bar $15.00 (TKP-018 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Boom Support $14.00 (TKP-028 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Boom Hardware $12.00 (TKP-063 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Wrecker Hardware $18.00 (TKP-036A https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Windshield $10.00 (TKP-008 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Rivets $.64 (RIV-1/8 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Axle Nuts $1.33 (TOP-3/16 https://www.gasolinealleytoys.com/)
Green Powder $22.05 (Sour Apple Starburst https://www.powderbuythepound.com/)
Chrome Powder $18.87 (Bonded and Extruded Chrome https://www.powderbuythepound.com/)
Black Powder $15.16 (Wet Black https://www.powderbuythepound.com/)
White Powder $12.12 (RAL 9001 Cream https://www.powderbuythepound.com/)
KL Powder $15.79 (KL Primer https://www.powderbuythepound.com/)

Total Restoration Cost: $292.96

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Sand Blasting Cabinet purchased from Greg Smith Equipment https://www.gregsmithequipment.com/SBC420-Sandblast-Cabinet_2

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