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So I watched this tow truck driver fail at every aspect of his job. I kind of felt bad for him, but not bad enough that I would go and offer any help. No, instead I turn on the camera and be sure to get a few good laughs at his expense. LOL I’m such an ass!

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Truck Driver Epic Fail Tow Service Trucker in Action (18 Wheeler)

https://www.facebook.com/stevespell2mediaproductions Witness raw power as this truck driver gets rescued by an experienced tow truck operator. Trucker has epic fail and jacknife, tow truck operator hauls out the big rig (18 wheeler) and Steve Spell II films the whole thing, providing ground breaking, intense commentary loaded with redneck humor. Watch this video today. Auto accidents and truck driving accidents are common. This is good footage in documentary fashion. Truck driver has epic fail, tow truck driver to the rescue, all caught on camera and filmed with the iphone. Truck driving school special. Truckers love it. We even got the State Police in action on the highway here. Good stuff! Very entertaining. Comment, Rate Subscribe and follow me on my Google+ Fan page. Steve Spell II. Nothing but great stuff to watch every day on this youtube channel. I provide funny commentary as a faux newsman! lol I hope you have your insurance and every thing you need. Insurance companies gotta love this stuff huh? This is a couple of very cool jobs, truck driving and being a tow truck operator. Thumbs up, like and share. This tow truck operator show’s us how to haul out a big jack knifed rig. (Jacknifed, Jacknife) Excellent training video and the quirky commentary gives it a bit of comedic relief. Comedy, fun with trucking and great stuff to watch everyday video. I’m an actor and I take on many roles. On this day I was playing the part of the funny newsman. I find this kind of stuff fascinating anyway so I had fun with this one. TIP US HERE; http://www.gofundme.com/thespellfamily https://www.gofundme.com/SteveSpell we lost everything in the flood in Louisiana. Help us raise money to rebuild share the link please