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HULK v TRANSFORMERS! Another tight recovery under a bridge

We received this call from the California Highway Patrol on Friday, April 3, 2020. The call originally came in as “big rig spilled load of barrels across all lanes”. I just finished a rollover with Dave when this call came in, so we went straight to this scene in Hulk and Big Flipper. Our tri-axle Landoll was also dispatched for the load.

Upon arrival, I saw it was actually two transformers (I incorrectly called them generators in the video) that fell off a trailer during a sharp turn under a freeway overpass bridge. The transformers leaked out almost all the mineral oil inside them, causing a giant mess. We started by first uprighting the transformers back on the pallet. From there, we carefully rigged and lifted each one off the side to allow our Landoll to back up underneath. Space was beyond tight, but we were able to clear each one with inches to spare.

In situations like this where you have such limited room to work in, it really helps to have equipment as strong as Hulk and Big Flipper, as well as having them fully equipped to handle any job we throw at them. Special thanks goes to both CalTrans and the environmental company, Ocean Blue, for a speedy clean up.

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