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GPS FAIL!!!! Let's Go Down To The River

GPS FAIL!!!! A similar address lead this semi driver down the wrong path. I came to the rescue with the single axle Peterbilt with the 20 ton 4024.
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Machinery Moving with a Tow Truck

Another way to move a large machine – be it a CNC mill, lathe, or other piece of heavy equipment.

See my other video showing how to move equipment with a reach forkliftt. In this video, we use a towtruck to load a Mori Seiki SL-1 lathe onto a trailer. The advantage to this method – it’s very cheap! Local towtrucks can be hired for about $100 because it takes less than an hour to do the loading.

The disadvantage – towtrucks are not able to move a heavy machine into or out of your garage and can’t reach very far. They are also have a limited lift height, so you can’t load a tall flatbed truck this way.

My other video shows the advantage of doing it the other way – with a reach forklift – that it can reach into your garage and grab or place your machine.

I’ll be posting another video soon that shows how I use my shop made machinery skates to get the equipment into and out of the garage.