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GPS FAIL!!!! Let's Go Down To The River

GPS FAIL!!!! A similar address lead this semi driver down the wrong path. I came to the rescue with the single axle Peterbilt with the 20 ton 4024.
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Towing Recovery – Auto Transport Ramps Fail Unloading A 2012 BMW

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Tug Of War Between Tow Truck And Car

ID: 3332347

A bizarre tug of war broke out between a tow truck and a car which eventually drove off from the hook.

While Christopher Taylor walked Memphis, Tennessee, on December 5, he heard some tyres screeching on a nearby road.

Approaching the sound, he came across a black tow truck and a red car in a bizarre test of strength, with the person sat in the car’s driver’s seat desperate spinning its wheels.

With smoke rising from the road, the car seemingly gets free from one of its shackles, only to get caught on the end of the hook.

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7. Fail, Using tow truck as a dump truck

I tried to use my rollback as a dump truck. Ended up being more work than I bargained for.


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Tow truck fail

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Tow truck fail, captured on my dashcam

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See the risks that all roadside workers face when they head out to their jobs. Prevent injuries and tragedies and Make the Move. If you make the move, others will follow.
Working on the roadside is a dangerous and sometimes deadly job. That’s why the Division of Highway Traffic Safety is asking motorists to Make the Move. What’s the Move? When you see flashing lights on the side of the road, slow down, and if it’s safe, Move Over — away from police, fire crews, paramedics and tow truck drivers. If you make the move, others will follow.