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Towing Recovery – Auto Transport Ramps Fail Unloading A 2012 BMW

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Backing up fail! Rotators lift loaded Super 10 that broke and fell through a driveway

In this instance, Pepe’s Tow Service was called to the scene of a pretty interesting situation. A fully loaded Super 10 caved in a driveway and we were needed to help winch out the truck from its location. While the truck was backing up to make a U-turn, the concrete driveway gave way to the weight of the truck. This caused the rear of the truck to fall through the driveway and the nose of the truck to lift in the air, making the truck unmovable.

We had to work hard to complete this job, and had to take special measures in order to prevent damage to the body of the truck. We carefully ran a chain through each rim and connected each chain to itself behind the tires. After we secured the body, we lifted the truck from the rear with two of our rotators, but in order to protect the rims we out on some rubber spacers. If you’ve noticed, this job doesn’t just require one experienced tow truck driver, it requires a team of knowledgeable operators to successfully complete this job.

After we’ve put all the precautionary measures in place and have secured the points in which we’re going to lift the truck out of the driveway, our rotators lift the truck simultaneously. Our crew makes sure that everything is going smoothly throughout the job, ensuring that everything is holding correctly. Once we verified that everything was going as planned, we continued to lift the truck and move it forward onto more stable ground. Once the team disconnected the equipment, the truck was able to continue on its way.

This is just one of the many things that Pepe’s Tow Service can help with when it comes to accidents and recoveries in Los Angeles. Next time you’re in need of a tow, no matter what the circumstance or situation, we’re ready to come to your aid. Call us if you’re ever in need at 323-268-1609, and be sure to follow us on social media!

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