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GPS FAIL!!!! Let's Go Down To The River

GPS FAIL!!!! A similar address lead this semi driver down the wrong path. I came to the rescue with the single axle Peterbilt with the 20 ton 4024.
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Landscape Truck Sliding Into Ditch! Tow Truck To The Rescue

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– – – – Frequently Asked Qesutions – – – –
Q:What camera do you use?
A: I use the Go Pro Hero 6 Black Edition

Q: Why don’t you have a rotator?
A: Simply said, our wide open desert highways here in Indio do not require a rotator. Most scenarios allow us to drive the truck right down to the wreckage and perform our recovery without taking up any more lane than a rotator would. Another simple reason is price. They are very expensive trucks that, once again aren’t really needed here. With that being said, that doesn’t mean we will never get one just not at the moment.


My 12 ton wrecker is stuck!!!

I was hired to tow a scrap RV to it’s final resting place in Cane Beds, Arizona.
Bad directions, soft sand, and tight spaces, turned a basic job into a real Shenanigan. Ha ha
After we found the place, I made a quick decision to drop in a safe place and leave.
But then……
After looking the situation over for a minute, I threw my better judgment out the window and started my short journey into trouble.
After sticking my truck a few times In the sand, I was finally able to get back on solid ground without calling backup.

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Jeep walk around video

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This fella rolled up while we were at the Pipeline From Hell. Super cool dude that shared a little bit of info about his rig. One Predator 6.5HP engine to run the drivetrain and a second engine to power the winch/boom truck in the rear. I tried to get him to test the abilities of the rig by pulling Bam Bam out of the Pipeline, but he wasn’t too confident about that succeeding…haha!

Good Friday truck ride – Sabine River Rats, near Marshall, TX – 4/14-215/2017.

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