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2016 Ford F450 V10 XLT Gas Tow Truck for Danco Jaguar Autoloader

Call us today to put your name on this 2016 XLT Ford F450 Gas tow truck that will have a Danco Jaguar autoloader (or self-loader).




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Tow truck fail

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Tow truck fail, captured on my dashcam

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Owner of Dick's Towing being honored with tow truck procession.

Starting a business with very little is common, but preserving and expanding the same business for more than 50 years is quite a feat. Richard “Dick” Sgarlato did just that and his Campbell towing company will live on for years to come even after his passing.

Dick Sgarlato, a longtime Campbell resident and owner of Dick’s Towing on Camden Avenue, died July 5 in his Dana Point home in Southern California after a year and half battle with liver cancer. He was 85 years old when his family visited him just days before his death.

Dick Sgarlato was remembered today with a two mile and a half long tow truck procession led by the Campbell Police Department. The procession began at 10 a.m. at Dick’s Towing, 888 Camden Ave. and continued on to Bethel Church at 1201 S. Winchester Blvd. for a celebration of his life.

Dick founded Dick’s Automotive Transport in 1957. He providing emergency road service and 24 hour towing seven days a week to the South Bay.

“Dad started the shop in a 76 gas station,” said Steve Sgarlato, the youngest of Dick’s four sons.

His towing business began with just one truck and has since grown to a fleet of 25 trucks with 50 employees.

Dick handed over ownership of the company in 1990 to his sons Greg, Ron, Glenn and Steve. A few of his grandsons even work there, making it a third generation family business. Dick retired to Southern California soon after handing over the business to his sons.

“The people who use our services said they always felt like part of the family,” Steve said.

Steve said his father always made sure he and his siblings knew what made “supreme” customer service. He explained that a day after his dad passed a customer told an employee about the repeatedly good service they’d experience from the business.

“To get calls like that one almost daily reminds me of what my dad instilled in [my siblings],” Steve said.

Dick was born Oct. 15 in 1929 in San Bruno. He attended San Mateo High School and San Jose State University.