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GPS FAIL!!!! Let's Go Down To The River

GPS FAIL!!!! A similar address lead this semi driver down the wrong path. I came to the rescue with the single axle Peterbilt with the 20 ton 4024.
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Heart-Stopping Video Shows How Dangerous Trailers On Cars Can Be

A heart-stopping video shows a camper swaying along a busy New Jersey highway before crossing lanes of traffic and flipping over. The video is one of many that show how dangerous it can be to attach a trailer or camper to a vehicle. Car expert Lauren Fix told Inside Edition many people just don’t know how to properly hitch a trailer. Inside Edition Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero joined the California Highway Patrol to see how many drivers are hauling trailers improperly.



Using the “drag” winch on the Tator to help free a loaded semi that got stuck while the driver was following his GPS. Thanks for watching and God bless. https://www.paypal.me/RotatorRon http://www.midwesttruck.net/ https://www.guardianangeldevices.com/m/towtruck-safety-light/?code=122 Follow the link for special pricing on the Guardian Angel Elite seen in this video. You can also use Coupon Code: 122CLIP)
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7. Fail, Using tow truck as a dump truck

I tried to use my rollback as a dump truck. Ended up being more work than I bargained for.


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Machinery Moving with a Tow Truck

Another way to move a large machine – be it a CNC mill, lathe, or other piece of heavy equipment.

See my other video showing how to move equipment with a reach forkliftt. In this video, we use a towtruck to load a Mori Seiki SL-1 lathe onto a trailer. The advantage to this method – it’s very cheap! Local towtrucks can be hired for about $100 because it takes less than an hour to do the loading.

The disadvantage – towtrucks are not able to move a heavy machine into or out of your garage and can’t reach very far. They are also have a limited lift height, so you can’t load a tall flatbed truck this way.

My other video shows the advantage of doing it the other way – with a reach forklift – that it can reach into your garage and grab or place your machine.

I’ll be posting another video soon that shows how I use my shop made machinery skates to get the equipment into and out of the garage.


1993 Nissan UD Rollback Tow Truck Car hauler Wreaker

UD Rollback Tow Truck with Alum Flatbed Roll back with side rails. This Car Hauler is a really good truck i have used it around the lot alot.. lol.. lot alot… anyways. Obiviously it needs a bumper but this is a Turbo Diesel I got it lik it is and you can see fron the video the interior could use a little TLC here and there but youve got a Great good running money maker here, The bed is a jerr dan. there is a 14,000 pound winch and a stinger to haul a second car. Everything is functional. Make sure and check out my other videos I always have all sorts of unique Classic, EURO & Muscle cars and I sell them cheap. Need help Exporting to Europe Canada, Asia etc. No problem I got you covered. Make your next car a Investment car. My website is Http://www.missoulaautoauction.com or Http://www.cerealmarshmallows.com/blog. Also feel free to Call anytime Nathan Wratislaw 406 544 6919